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Who We Are

Established in 2017, Tradex Solutions provides expertise in the international sourcing and distribution of meat, poultry, Seafood, Dairy products, Fruits and vegetables by providing easy accessibility regarding purchase consultation and trading only in high quality products from recognized and certified suppliers. Tradex Solutionz is able to ensure that its customers receive products that adhere to strict food safety requirements. This enables us to continuously fulfil orders that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Through our partnership approach and dedicated account model, we have built an unparalleled network of experts around the globe, serving the world's food suppliers and customers with diverse products and services that help them grow their business. Through our knowledge and experience, we help determine the best international source of supply for our clients.

Adaptable approach enlightens the presence in the local and regional contest. We have a strong presence in the markets we trade in and have a very good reputation with our suppliers and customers throughout the food industry.